Drop your Credit Cards!

Saving money does not have to be a difficult thing to do. There are different ways that can be used to save some money daily, weekly or monthly. The most common way is through having money for your tax assisted saving plan deducted from your paycheck each month. Apart from that, there are several ways that can be used to boost your savings. It is at times difficult to implement different ways of money saving at ones, but you can work at least a couple of them in your routine. Before, i have highlighted several tips that can be of importance in saving money.


Decide on pay-as-you plan or minimize the use of cellphone.

Cellphones are indispensable in communication of which these services are not free. To make a call or send a text, one must be charged for the service offered.. Eliminating the use of your cellphone can help save much money depending on your patterns of use. The cell phone can only be used during emergency cases or when it is necessary to use it.

Dinners and takeout foods.

Going out for dinner severally a month and having much of takeout foods, spends much of your money. This can be changed by going out for dinner only once a month and cutting back on takeout foods. There are also meals that you eat while in at work. Having your meals at your office desk instead of going out for lunch will help you save more.

Use public means of transportation.

Driving to work is hugely expensive since you have to purchase fuel, insure your car, pay for parking services and account for repairs incase of wear and tear on your car. This all expenditures can be cut down easily by taking public transit or using car pool. Public transportation is cheaper than using your own vehicle. The money spend daily on using your vehicle is far much more than what you will pay to use public transits.

Dropping credit cards.

There are those credit companies that charge high rates in use of their services. Some of this services may not be quite helpful to you. Unless the company, lower rates of their services, dropping their credit card will save much of your money.

 Cancel subscriptions.

We all love to be updated on current affairs or get to know of top stories around the world. To make this possible, we have subscribed ourselves to different magazines and cable TV services. There are those magazines you do not read and satellite or cable TV services that you do not watch. Cancelling these subscriptions will considerably reduce your monthly expenditure. You can reduce your newspaper subscription only to weekends.


For any person oriented in saving money, self denial is the best way to go. All of the tips above needs one to deny themselves pleasure and other less serious expenditures to maximize their saving plan. With the above tips in use, it is possible to save half of your spending. Therefore, challenge yourself by putting in use some of the tips that i have mentioned.. It is difficult to implement all of them, but with time, everything will be possible. By the end of the day, you will realize that your savings are increasing gradually.