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Ever since the world acquired a perceivable shape and the man was born, the attitude of human being had been changing regularly. The way to undertake work, style, the manner to adopt the natural changes, the way to perceive or conclude, line of interest, or sincerity and loyalty towards a job, all these facts of life come under the bold header of ‟Attitude”.  Motivation and moral are also subscription of attitude. The output of a job, efficiency of an element or performance of a person in any field or section is mainly dependent upon knowledge, skill and the ability to do work. In other words ability to use tactics and techniques accompanied by experience can make a visible difference in the quality of output. Above all, attitude will act as multiplying factor toward output.

A simple formula to calculate output on the basis of factors mentioned above can be devised as fellows:-

Performance or Output = Knowledge+ Skill+ Experience

O       =       K + S + E  

But as said earlier, attitude is a multiplying factor

Output = (Knowledge + Skill + Experience) x Attitude

So if one has little knowledge, compatible skill and little experience but a positive and good attitude, He can produce better results as compared to a person with good knowledge, better skill and lot of experience but negative or wrong attitude. Positive value of attitude keeps the entire equation above zero. Whereas the negative value drags it down to below zero. Similarly, if the value of any element (K S E) is increased above digit one and attitude is kept constant as +1, no doubt will be increased but with a little margin. On the other hand if the value of attitude is made +2. Keeping all other entities constant, the output will be doubled.

So, moral of the story is that attitude should be the primary and foremost principle of life. I had already made it the first principle of my life. Do you intend doing the same? If yes, your graph in professional life will keep on inclining or increasing.