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History In The Making As Rare Jamthund Litter Set To Arrive


The very best of what the Jamthund breed can give will see the light of day this spring in what is anticipated to be a litter of outstanding Swedish Elkhound pups.

This rare and historical event features Rico, a superior Male Jamthund Swedish Elkhound, and Kalia, a stunning young Swedish Elkhound female, as parents of what is said to be the first Jamthund litter in Canada. The photo on the left shows Merv Carlson, founder of Kamia Kennels, with Rico and Kalia.

Known as the Norrland, or Jamthund, Swedish Elkhounds hail from the Northern regions of Sweden and Northern Norway and have developed into a beautiful dog, displaying all the qualities required to survive and excel in this environment. Thriving in this harsh setting has seen the Jamthund endowed with the remarkable hunting skills, such as exceptional agility and outstanding lung capacity, needed to hunt/keep at bay Moose and Bears.


The centuries-old history of the Jamthund is as rich as it is captivating. The Jamthund is thought to be the oldest of the Elkhound in most circles in the Scandinavian region.

Approximately 100 years ago, the dogs were limited in numbers and only a handful of the old world breeders remained. Despite all odds, breeders were brought together by renowned Elkhound fancier Axel Lindstrom in the 1920 to 1930 time frame to eventually form The Swedish Elkhound Association, or Jamthund Breed, in 1946.

The Jamthund are a very noble breed, stable mentally, extremely courageous and utterly fearless. This dog offers a rigorous work ethic and can hike and participate in any adventure all day long, yet come home and relax by the fire. An awesome family dog, loves children, gets along with other dogs to a degree, but is still protective and watchful of other breeds, and is considered a very dominant breed overall.

Kamia Kennels is both proud and honoured to assist the old world breeders in re-establishing the ancient Swedish Elkhounds and to move this breed forward in North America. The sense of anticipation of all those involved in the planning of this rare Jamthund litter can hardly be contained!!