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How to Index Backlinks in Google

You haqve made a backlink, so what? Here’s an important revelation that every new SEO and webmaster must have: just because you put something on the web doesn’t mean that Google knows about it. If you build it, they will NOT come. Most of the time you need to help Google find the content that you have generated be it your site or some article in a directory. In other words, you need your web properties to be indexed by google.

How to index backlinks in Google

Getting backlinks indexed can be tricky sometimes . Sometimes it happens quickly and painlessly, but other times you have to work at it a little harder. You can’t spend all your time constantly checking up on links especially if you just made 500 profile backlinks, so you need a consistent strategy that you can apply to every backlink you make. In essence, getting your backlinks indexed means pointing more backlinks to your backlinks.

There areĀ  two simpleĀ  and common ways to index backlinks fast.

  1. Social Bookmarking

Social sites get crawled CONSTANTLY by Google. Any bookmark you post on a site like Delicious or Digg is going to get indexed quickly. One of Google’s spiders is busy crawling the social bookmarking and sharing sites and comes across the web page that has your bookmark on it. The bookmark you posted has a link to the page with your backlink on it. The spider follows the link in your bookmark and finds the page with the backlink you made on it – it is now indexed. In all honesty, this is all you have to do most of the time to get your links quickly indexed by Google or any of the other Search Engines.

  1. Pinging

Another very easy, effective and efficient way to get backlinks indexed is by pinging. Think of pinging like this: you create a page on the web, but no one knows about it yet (i.e Google). When you ping this page, it’s like you’ve raised a red flag – you’re saying “Hey! Come look at this!” And the search engines respond to it properly. If used in conjunction with social bookmarking, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting any of your backlinks indexed.

Backlinking is crucial to your site’s success in the SERPs, but it doesn’t stop there. Simply creating backlinks is not enough to ensure high rankings; you have to make sure that these links are found by the search engines. Because only indexed backlinks will help to improve search rankings.