Guide: How to Buy USB C Cable Safely for the First Time

USB C cable is the latest standard in wired connectivity. This sort of cable may charge your phones and laptops, transfer multimedia and data content to your desktop at a lightning speed. It really is true that there surely is no dearth of Type C cable products in today’s market now. However, if you flick through the oodles of product and products reviews, you would discover that almost all of the merchandise are useless, to state the least. A number of the products could also irreversible damage laptop hardware components.

USB C cable

Is USB C cable safe for laptop or Computer?

Google’s software professional Benson Leung has this penchant for buying type-C USB cables and accessories and positing reviews of the products through his Google+ handle. Earlier this full year, Leung informed his readers and connections a cable of the type actually ruined his Chromebook.
When you hook up your USB C device (a Smartphone, for example) to a USB A port, the nagging problem occurs. If you’re utilizing a low quality cable, it shall make the phone feel that it is linked to a 3 AMP power source. As a total result, the telephone tries to get 3 AMP of power, which in turn causes irreversible harm to the device.

How exactly to buy safe Type C cable completely?

You need to first take notice of the USB plug carefully. Generally, a good quality cable uses an extrusion method. You should look for cables that adhere to the USB type C standards. Certified USB cables generally include logos of internationally accepted certifying agencies. Cases of illicit use of logos are also rampant. However, speaking generally, the logo of the certifying institute or agency are available on the packaging itself.

Buy from a reliable brand widely

Buy USB C cable from brands you know and trust. Do not merely consider the price tag on a product and purchase it (because it is dirt cheap). Also, if you have testing knowledge, you can attempt the cable to see if it works properly within the first couple of days of buying which means you can return it to owner in case it generally does not work properly.

Remember if you neglect to choose the right cable, it could fry your laptop or Smartphone, something that has happened to Google’s Benson Leung. So do your own research and read consumer reviews before buying or ordering a sort C cable online. Beware of the counterfeit sellers and dealers which may have mushroomed these full days.