By Using Technology You Can Make Perfect nails in 6 steps  

We all ten, but they are rarely all equally long and equally strong. Our nails are the showpieces of our hands, but it takes sometimes really too much time for them to put all ten in the paint. Fortunately, a very simple solution for this.


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Do you have short or brittle nails, and you can nail lacquers therefore never good? Then there is a super simple nail set that create the effect of a manicured nail to perfection. With Impress Press-On Manicure Nails can stick a nail quick and easy. Without drying or tampering with horror glue. In addition, the nails remain at least a week. Do you want to take them off again? Then you can – without damaging your nails – (without acetone) peeling the layer color of your nails.


STEP 1: find the right size for each nail. Do you have an intermediate size, use a smaller nail for the best results.

STEP 2: Place the 10 nails in the correct order (little finger, ring finger, etc.)

STEP 3: prepared for the nails by cleaning them thoroughly with the enclosed prep pad.

STEP 4: Remove the foil on the rear using the tab.

STEP 5: Do the thumbnail last. Push the Impress nail from the middle and then the sides for good adhesion.

STEP 6 minutes pressing after application for optimum adhesion. Avoid water up to 30 minutes after application.

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