How to decorate your Home with Different Latest products

Did not realize we lived in the same area until she showed up at a networking meeting I was at.  Darcie and I share much in common.  Besides helping women find their power through place & money.

What an honor and thrill when Darcie invited me to help makeover her living room.   I arrive with my car full of tools….

Take pictures.  For a visual reminder of Before and  AfterTalk about the space. Get a tour.

Her living room however is a tough space.  While the room has lots of light, lovely color and personality, it’s hard to feel connected and cozy in the space.  It is obvious why Darcie has struggled to make this room work.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and perhaps the soul.

The way we live our lives, revolves around what happens in the kitchen. Heart, Home Decor Products. A different types of product are needed when you construct the specially for the designing of the home.


Food, sharing & connecting.  Its all kitchen basics.
The hottest room in the house, whether there is a party going on, or sorrow remembered, we gather in the kitchen.

There are even songs written about it.

That is why Kitchens are often the first place we want to “fix” or change.

Add a pop of color or hang up plates that  we collected on a trip.

Once such client had been longing to change her kitchen from country, styled over 20 years ago to a modern sleek look, which is what she favors.

She loves to cook and entertain and her kitchen just did not lend itself to the spiritual connection for the ritual of entertaining for the love of it.