Cost of Assisted Living Facilities in Denver Colorado

Assisted Living Facilities help you cut your costs if you are a live-alone adult or if you have a senior in your home.You would often find yourself alone and bored. But don’t worry anymore because Assisted Living Facilities are the perfect solution for your situation. We’ll have an in-depth look at the costs.

The median charges per month in an ALF are mostly between $1800 to $2400 per month. Thesecosts cover the basic services of an ALF only. The basic services include the electricity services, the tap water, heating services, garbage removal, housekeeping, laundry (on daily basis), room & boarding, and three meals a day. The meals include breakfasts, lunch and dinners.


For high level of care, there are additional service charges. The additional charges range in between $400 to $1200 per month. The additional care includes extra meals, added personal care,vehicle parking services and much more.Adding these costs,the $1800 package grows to a massive $4000 per month. In some facilities, it can grow higher than $4000.

The cost may seem higher, but it is lower than nursing care homes where the daily costs are around $40 to $300.Some facilities also require a security fee which is most of the time, non-refundable.

A personal assistant can be hired as an additional service which costs a little higher but may make your work easier. Offsetting in the costs of assisted living facilities is possible due to savings in home utilities and meals.

You are Responsible for Your Costs

Mostly, there are no government programs available for you to pay for your stay at the assisted living facilities. The senior resident will have to pay all of his costs at the assisted living. Although, there are some government aid programs available which can help you cover your costs of the facility. To avail the program, you need to contact the local health ministry to see if you are eligible for any program. There may be some long-term insurance plans which can cover the costs of your living at facility. Plus, there are some facilities which offer handsome aid plans to help you cover the costs.

How to Pay the Cost of Assisted Living in Denver

Many elderlies are worried for the payment of their costs as they do not have any financial back support. They are also in severe need for any of the assisted living facilities but their financial status doesn’t allow them to do so.

There are two possible options to get a temporary stay at any ALF – reverse mortgages and life settlements. Now you must be thinking about the details of these two methods.

Well, reverse mortgages is like taking money out of your home slowly. The major difference lies in the fact that you don’t need to pay the load. Life settlements allow seniors to sell their life insurance policies.

Stacy’s Helping Hand (

Here this is also one problem that sometimes people don’t know which sort of assisted living facilities they are in need of and how much they will have to pay? At this point you are in need of senior care specialist, who assists you to choose the best one for your seniors. Stacy’s Helping Hand is one from them. They acted as a middle man, and help people in Denver Colorado metro area to choose the right assisted living facility for them.