Why Tracking is Important for Online Marketing?

No matter what type of online marketer you are. Whether you are working on affiliate marketing, social media marketing, product buy and sell ads, or you have online eCommerce store and drive organic traffic or from your advertising campaigns  you need to track your all clicks. Which help you to make important decisions which increase your sales.

Today most of the advertisers and marketers waste lots of money on advertising campaigns which ruin their money with no or less sales. This is all because they target wrong people and show their ads to wrong people. Therefore you should use proper click tracking tools that track each and every link of your traffic and you will be able to show your ads to very interested people and ultimately increase your conversions with the same traffic and tight budgets.


Split Testing A/B testing:

You never know from where you are getting more leads and traffic without experiments and at the same time you don’t want to lose your traffic at this time you need to split your traffic and test both campaigns using A/B split testing and then choose the winter campaign. Now you will be able to spend on right place. This is one of the most important and useful feature of click tracking.

Redirect Mobile Traffic to Mobile Friendly Pages:

According to research 70% traffic is coming from mobile so if your site is not friendly or you are sending your traffic to non-responsive pages then you are leaving your leads on the table. With the help of tracking tools you can track your audience /visitors device and send them on mobile friendly pages to grab their emails or show them responsive pages automatically.

Countdown Times on leading pages:

Countdown timers work very well and dramatically increase your sells so you can use them on your lead pages boost your sales.

These are few reason that force us to use link tracking tools for our websites and track links to increase our profit that mostly new marketers ignore. I hope it helps you now it’s time to take action and try click tracker software.

Feel free to ask any question related to click tracking or any other internet marketing strategy.