Tips for Buying Ladies Bra from Online Retail Sites

80% of women wear a bra that does not suit them. Here are some rules and our tips to finally find the right one.



The Right Measures

To give yourself some pointers before shopping from online retail sites for ladies bra, we can take our measurements. This is the method suggested by Jenny Zucker, Director of Retail Operations at Change Canada.

• Chest (30, 32, 34, 36, etc.): measure the circumference of our rib cage by placing the measuring tape just under our breasts; If the result is odd, add 1 “.

  • Size of the cup(A, B, C, D, etc.): measure the most generous part of our chest, without tightening. From this measurement, we subtract our chest. The gap between the two tells us which bonnet to choose from: 1 in. A cup, 2 in., B cup, 3 in., C cup, and so on.

This method can serve as a guide, but it is not infallible since it does not take into account the half measures (example: AA) and the diversity of the models. For example, it is not uncommon for two 36Bs not to match exactly the same size. To find the perfect bra, there is no magic formula: try, try and try, until you find the right one!

In the cabin
To avoid spending hours donning dozens of bras, it is better to seek advice from an adjustment specialist, who has been trained to take the necessary measures and, above all, to recognize the right model according to the particularities Of each chest. As such, there is generally a better service in the lingerie shops.

In addition, 
Fitting • The bra is inserted by leaning slightly forward to allow the breasts to slip naturally into the cups.
• If our chest is even (34, 36, 38, etc.), we attach it to the middle clip. If it is odd (33, 35, 37, etc.), the smaller size is selected and the first staple is attached.
• The shoulder straps are adjusted so that you can slide your finger underneath.
• Place each breast in one hand making sure that it is completely in the bonnet.

• Size may vary from one bra to another; we try different sizes of the same model. But it is also possible that style does not suit us.
• We wear a sweater or a blouse close to the body and we put it on the bra that we try to make sure that our neckline and our silhouette appeal to us from all angles.

The bra is perfectly adjusted if :
• the chest straps are taut and comfortable;
• the bands of the chest and the armatures provide a good support, without hampering or restricting our movements;
• the frame circumvents the breast even under the armpit or almost without touching or compressing it;
• the caps are well filled, do not form pockets or folds, and conform to our shapes without compressing our breasts;
• our breasts do not move in the cups, even if we lean;
• the weight of our chest is well distributed in the two cups;
• the attachment remains in place in the middle of the back or chest;
• the bra does not go up and the shoulder straps do not slip, even if you jump or lift your arms;
• shoulder straps do not dig and should not irritate our shoulders;
• The bra does not bother us (we should not feel it for the day).

Quality test
The quality of a bra is judged when it is made and the material used. A bra will pass the test if it meets the
following criteria: • The seams are straight, solid and imperceptible to the touch.
• The staples are solid and well sewn.
• The fabric is flexible, Resistant and comfortable. It is palpated to check its softness, the density of the weaving and its elasticity.
• The material is adapted to the function of the undergarment. For example, a sports bra should be made of synthetic fibers such as microfibre and polyamide, which wick away perspiration during physical exertion, and a strong chest bra should contain little elastic material such as elastane And lycra.

All new, all beautiful! 
As a rule, we change our bra when:
• it looks worn;
• it has lost its elasticity;
• shoulder straps or waist bands are loose;
• it is less comfortable.

Short, If you tighten the braces more or more or if the staples are adjusted to the last step, it is time to go shopping!  Most of these tips are useful for shopping ladies underwear from online retails shops.

Do you know? 
A bra does not last very long. Its duration depends on the quality of the material and the preparation, the care taken and the frequency with which it is worn. According to Suzanne Kaine, owner of Lingerie Suzanne Kaine, a good-quality bra, properly maintained and worn every day, usually lasts about six months.