The Bare Essentials: How To Know If A Driver Is Qualified


Trailer Trucks are large trucks with additional trailers in the back. These trucks are sometimes called wiggle wagons because the trailers in the back tend to swing left and right by a small degree which makes the illusion that the trailers are “wiggling.”

Drivers of these trucks must be very experienced in handling such enormous machines. Due to the sizes of the containers, making sharp turns can be tough. Drivers should be thinking in advance and worry about the positioning of the entire truck ahead.

Due to several companies that try to cut corners, companies end up hiring unqualified or unlicensed drivers. These drivers prove to be more of a liability than an asset. Accidents can happen, and a company can risk a potential lawsuit, loss of profit, or worse, both. Businesses should hire more qualified and experienced drivers. Here are some things to look out for to find that suitable driver.


The Bare Essentials


  • An experienced driver should be at least 21 years old.
  • Drivers are required by law to get a valid driver’s license from the state of where the driver has permanent residence in the United States.
  • Drivers should also be able to acquire a United States passport, TWIC, and a Hazardous Material endorsement.
  • Motor vehicle records must be satisfactory and pass state regulations.
  • If a driver fails or refuses to do a drug test, they must be able to present a form detailing their complete rehabilitation and counseling for substance abuse.
  • Work references are also helpful. Make sure it is verifiable.
  • Drivers should pass a rigorous physical examination by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards.


Aside from the minimum requirements stated above, a truck driver should be able to present a US Passport, Birth Certificate, or any other paperwork that certifies the person’s US citizenship. If criminal records are present, an affirmative answer will not automatically deny a person from employment. A criminal record will be due for evaluation and will determine the type of job that best suits an applicant.

These important checks are necessary for a company to evade severe loss of profits and lawsuits. Not only that, a venture can become guilt free from an accident that causes unimaginable loss of life and damage to property.