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Video Surveillance System – The Pros and Cons


CCTV, synonymous with closed circuit television, often becomes a choice for people to monitor activities in a room or building. Most of the time, it is installed in the store department to monitor visitors so they can avoid any thief from stealing anything from their media. In addition, this system could also be installed in the school and the office to monitor the behavior of students and employees. Melbourne Security Systems provides you the security at your home, office or any where you need. Whatever the purpose of the installation, people tend to the thing that this system could be a total guarantee of their level of security. Unfortunately, this opinion is false because CCTV camera also has some disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the benefits first. For some places, such as department stores or banks, video surveillance is very useful to prevent the risk of crime such as burglary, theft or theft. By installing this system, people know that they are monitored all the time by the operator. As a result, the risk of a criminal act tends to decrease. In addition, this system will also be useful for monitoring customer service employees. Some clients can be very annoying, and physical violation is quite risky to occur. By installing video surveillance, this risk could also be reduced.

However, you should not think that video surveillance is a perfect system to ensure security. CCTV still does not work in the appropriate system. It could not display all the single square of your office, banks, shops, and other areas. Although you set the location of the system in a very careful way, you still can not get total security level guarantee. Why?

There are many factors that make CCTV is not a 100% confidence device. People who are familiar with the given area could sabotage the system by sticking a piece of chewing gum on the lenses or making some changes to the cable system. Even some professionals might also change the angle of the camera, so the criminal target area will not be displayed to the operator.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages for every single security system, including CCTV system. Your in-depth reflection is the primary determination of the level of security in your store or office.