Church Wedding vs Hotel Wedding – Helping You Make The Choice

As we break tradition and become more open minded to making things more unique and personal, civil partnerships and weddings for all become increasingly popular. People have far more freedom to be wed in a location that they would prefer.

 So you have a choice: do you want to opt for a church wedding or a hotel wedding? Here is some food for thought.

 Practical –  Churches are known for their incredible scenic opportunities, as the buildings are often incredibly old, with rustic features and gorgeous stained glass windows. These features are a paradise to some and also have incredible photograph opportunities.

 However, most churches can be quite remote, particularly the smaller, more intimate ones. This can present an organisational challenge, and disabled access alongside any activities after may require extensive planning.

 We asked Broadoaks Country House, a luxury hotel and wedding venue, what made hotels practical for weddings and they said:Hotels are fantastic for practical arrangements, as the hall, gardens, parking, party area and accommodation can all be located under the same roof and all can be paid for in one lump sum.”

 “Personally we can have 150 people present for the parties after a wedding, and we have options available for accommodation if guests need somewhere to stay.”

Religion – One of the most popular reasons for a church wedding is the fact that either one or both of the couple may be religious or their families are. Many choose a church wedding to receive the blessing of the church, as this can be very symbolic and important to people.

 Previously it was feared that if a marriage was conducted anywhere other than a church, it wasn’t as official. There are ways to be in contact with your registrar and organise your wedding officially. With recent changes in the laws regarding homosexual couples being able to marry and have civil partnerships changed to legal marriage, such fears are being lost.

Tradition – Another large factor in a lot of church weddings can be tradition, whether a church wedding feels more valid to a couple and whether they want to have a fully traditional wedding, or they could hold a family tradition to marry at a certain church close to heart.

Wedding vows are also an important tradition to some, as the official vows could feel right to one couple, but another couple may want their vows to be more personal, a deep expression of the love felt, rather than a more religious focus. There is an article here by Oxfordshire County Council about legal civil wedding vows and promises.

 At a church, vows can’t be changed, yet personal speeches, poems and such can be worked into the ceremony.

 Hotels aren’t necessarily part of a tradition, yet so many can cater to traditional values. Hotels can have a great deal of versatility, depending on the venue.

 There are a great many alternatives to traditional church service weddings available at hotels: garden ceremonies, hall ceremonies, and ceremonies similar to that of a church, if the desire arises.

Well, what do you think? There are so many wonderful reasons to choose either, what would you choose and why? Ultimately, the choice that makes you the happiest is the right choice, make your wedding unique to you!