How to choose a lawyer for divorce?

The divorce lawyer is a key player in divorce proceedings, as it aims to represent the spouse, regardless of the type of procedure envisaged. In order to succeed in the process of divorce, it is important to choose your lawyer. You can choose a lawyer based on proximity or cost, but these are not really the most important criteria. The first element of choosing a lawyer in a divorce is the trust, which is necessary for a constructive relationship afterwards, because the lawyer will be in a way the confidant and the advisor. The proximity of a lawyer will limit travel expenses for example, but also the costs related to the jurisdiction different from that of the lawyer who will have to join another lawyer of the bar of the place of proceeding of the procedure. Finally,

The role of the divorce lawyer

Many attorneys at the bar make it possible to represent people who are initiating divorce proceedings before the Family Justice Judge. Mandatory in divorce proceedings, the divorce lawyer long Island has a role of advisor and advocate for the client since it must warn him of the progress of the procedure and the issues (financial, family, tax and property) that this will involve. It is important that a relationship of trust be established between the lawyer and his client, because the lawyer will ask for personal parts of the client and information on the intimacy of his life as a couple, to analyze all facets of the situation, to determine the consequences and to make a comparison between the various possible procedures. The payment of fees differs according to the type of procedure, so, for a divorce by mutual consent, if both spouses take a single lawyer, the person responsible for the payment of fees is appointed in advance, but if each is represented by his own lawyer, each spouse will pay the fees of his lawyer. In the other types of proceedings, each party will pay his or her lawyer, but the court may order one of the spouses to pay the other party an amount equal to the money paid for the lawyer.