How to choose the most eco-friendly and luxurious hotel in Barcelona?

We, at the Majestic Hotel & Spa :5 star hotel barcelona, take our social responsibilities very seriously and as such it is reflected in our corporate social responsibility policy practices as well. At our luxurious hotel in Barcelona, we make sure that our social responsibilities manifest in a wide array of forms. This includes work-based, environmental, and social actions as well. We are glad to state that these actions have already had a really positive effect on our responsible performance. As part of this policy we back certain values and they are always being considered in each and everything that we do. In fact, we have already been able to develop them and then integrate them on a regular basis as well.

The importance of social responsibility

As far as the Majestic Group is concerned social responsibility forms a major part of our corporate culture as a whole. This is the reason why we renew our commitments each and every year. Some of our commitments are also with the disadvantaged sector of Barcelona, people who have not been able to make it big in their lives. We are close collaborators with the IRES Foundation in all their projects. These projects are supposed to aid initiatives that aim to give a better life to the most vulnerable people among us. As one of the top luxurious hotels in Barcelona, we thrive to keep up with our potential for any challenges.

Fighting against social exclusion

We aid these projects that fight for people who presently risk social exclusion. The Majestic Hotel & Spa is also a signatory to an agreement on corporate social responsibility as part of which it collaborates in an active manner on different projects of the IRES Foundation. From 2012 onwards we have been asking our respected clients to donate a euro each and every time they make our facilities their home for a few days. This money would then be used for various aid programs that are meant to help children in the area.

Solidarity Suite

This happens to be one of our various initiatives that form such an integral part of our corporate social responsibility endeavors. This can be called the fruit of all the social actions that have been done by the IRES Foundation over the past 4 decades and a half. It normally happens between July and September each year. At this time we donate to the foundation a part of the income that we get from the bookings of room 225. Our corporate social responsibility practices extend to the management level as well. This is applicable in all the hotels owned and operated by us.

Environmental awareness

This is also an important reason why we are one of the top hotels in Barcelona. We place a high amount of emphasis on making sure that our services and activities are done in such a way that the environment is not harmed in any way at all. This is the reason why we have developed an environmental and quality management system and implemented it as well. This has been done in keeping with the directives that have been mentioned at the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO14001:2015, and the European Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS. This is also a major proof of our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

How do we attain our goals and objectives?

There are certain business goals and objectives that we look to achieve as an organization. This is the reason all of our staff members and everyone working over here attempts to contribute in the best way that she or he can. There is also an immense amount of emphasis on making sure that people are trained properly and relevantly so that they are able to sustain the standards that we set ourselves. We also attempt to consistently improve our quality as an organization thus benefiting the greater environment.

Guaranteeing your confidence and satisfaction

We do all this in order to ensure that you continue to be satisfied at all times and thus remain confident about us always as well. We focus on teamwork as an organization and as such we encourage communication within members of various departments. We always motivate them to perform better so that we can provide you better services as well. We also make sure that we forever remain committed to protecting the environment. Last, but not the least, we pride ourselves on being complete professionals in everything that we do as in majestic hotel /luxury hotel barcelona