Website designer Profession

The web development nyc develops and realizes Internet sites and applications. He creates and specifies a structure and technical parameters and oversees the creation of the content of the site, its improvement and maintenance. Website designers, we develop tailor-made solutions, create elegant websites and meet the requirements of our customers. Our team puts its skills and creativity at the service of your communication. Our only goal: to succeed your project! We are web designers. We create and develop dynamic and attractive websites.

From the website showcase to the institutional website, from the complete creation to the redesign of your website, we put your products or services in the foreground and offer you visibility on the web.

Experts in the creation of websites, we help you to build your privileged support to communicate on your activity and to reach a targeted public.

We design your website by studying with you your objectives, your targets and the opportunities that it will be able to generate. We will be at your side throughout your project.


Types of personalities

  • Artistic / Investigator
  • Artistic / Realistic

Website designer tasks

  • It defines the design of the design and the technical characteristics of the site by integrating technical constraints (including budget, equipment, performance, access, or related to regulation), and / or the expectations of users.
  • Creates a website structure.
  • Develops programming schemas.
  • Select the programming language (s).
  • Construct the site, using the appropriate tools (including coding, tool creation, and tool management).
  • Write, draw and format the content of web pages.
  • Supervise the realization of certain parts of the site.
  • Research, document, estimate, and / or select options for architecture or technology.
  • Create the site and test it.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the site.

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