Common Family Issues

“Think of your family today and every day thereafter doesn’t let the busy world if today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family”. Have you come across this quote? Did you ever ponder upon this? It is true that appreciation and love are the things that would keep a family away from having family issues, especially in this modern world. However not every family have a happy day, there will be a storm coming in their way once in a while, especially in the busy world.

One of the common issues that happened these days is split due to money problem. According to some research done, among the top reasons why couple divorce is because of money. It is hard to live a life especially when you are in shorts of money as it is the main support to keep a family strong. Some feel like, when there is no money, the possibilities for the couples to start fighting are high. The money issue is everywhere especially among new couples that get married at young age. They failed to plan well and ended up arguing over small things.

Another issue that can be found is the fact that the parents are too busy working and didn’t have enough time for their children and each other leading to a lack of love and attention. This is also very common as most of the troubled children who involved in fights or bullies stated that they are lacking in parents’ attention. Parents might have lots of money and spoiled their children with it, but it can’t buy happiness. Some children who are pampered with money and stuff are among those with least attentions and love. They tend to rebels and do things out of control in order to get their parents attention.

Lack of trust is also one of the main issues revolving around many families in this world. Once they failed to trust their partner, they started having fights and the children will be the victims. When the spouse spent more times outside instead of with family, trust issue would occur and will lead to an argument. It is tolerable if there are no children involved but if it’s the other way, too many arguments would affect the children’s psychology as they will feel depressed and upset with the situations.

There are much more family issues that occurred among marriage couple or family, but these are top three that always happened and occurred among people. The key to better marriage life is by having lots of trusts and communicate with each other all the time. Arguments should be the last choice and should be done behind children’s awareness.

One other way to address family issues is to play games like family tag questions or would you rather questions; these games really help couples, families and friends to understand each other more and make you understand where actually the problem lies.